hello you.

denlin here.

its crazy its been 7 years. when i think back to the beginning of car drugs i remember hoping it would succeed. hoping my ideas weren't stupid and hoping people would like them. its crazy that people did and to think where i am now with car drugs blows my mind. car drugs started back in 2015 right after i got my subaru brz. i joined a local club and was introduced to "slaps" or Japanese inspired bumper stickers by a couple of the members of the group. i was already making die cuts but decided to try these slaps. i already had over 10 years of graphic design experience and easily came up with around 20 i think in the fall of 2015. that was the first release. over the next few months i began to realize it was working and that i needed to focus on car drugs more than I was. i had another company at the time also in the vinyl sector but was not even close to the style/designs of cd.

in 2016 i made the jump to focus only on cd and the previous company was dissolved. in summer of 2017 i risked pretty much all of my money flying myself and two friends to daytona beach for a car show i was new to. thankfully it worked out great and catapulted car drugs into the show scene ever since. throughout 2018 and 19 i focused on growing the brand through social media. i did a release almost every month in these two years and hit around 10/15 shows a year. 2020 was weird. the pandemic killed all car shows and thankfully i had a large online following which kept car drugs going through one of the weirdest times of our lives. i think in 2020 we did 2 shows. in 2021 i told myself id add 20 new product to the line up and i think i hit around 12 but still good haha. 2022 was the year of apparel. i wanted to make sure i had designs people couldn't walk by at a show. so far so good. shirts are doing really well. clothing was a learning experience for sure. last year i ordered wayyyyy to many hoodies in sizes 2xl and up lol. i miscalculated my inventory a lot in the beginning. but at this point i have around 8 new shirts in the store and hope to hit 12 by the end of the year. the original goal, one shirt a month.

so here we are. 7 years later. this release of slaps includes many staples you've seen throughout the years and a bunch of new ideas as well. here is an overview of what to expect for the 7 year annv...

  • 31 new specialty slaps
  • 31 new slaps
  • 4 new spot holo slaps
  • 4 new hats
  • 1 new designer quality hoodie
  • 1 new electronic slap
  • 3 new 7 year annv t shirts
  • 4 new license plate frames
  • more surprises to come

i hope to see you friday august 12th at 9pm est for what i consider the most comprehensive release ive done in years. thank you all for the continued support and i hope to see you out on the road soon...

<3 denlin