Custom JDM Plate (Dot Style)


6" x 12" Standard JDM Plate

Dot Style: This means you'd like to use the format seen with dots and numbers. You may use 1 number and 3 dots, 2 numbers and 2 dots or 3 numbers and 1 dot. (See our Dash format for another style in the Plate & Overlays section)

Understanding the plate.
-Top left text says "Tokyo Prefecture" this is the location ID for the plate.
-The numbers next to the Prefecture are like an area code we have here in the USA.
-The character at bottom left is like a prefix or letter we would use here in the USA
-The numbers next to the prefix are randomized normally in Japan but can be customized just like in the USA
-In Japan when you don't have a number in one of the 4 placeholders it is replaced with a dot.
-All of our plates are exact replicas and use the same placement and information as a true JDM plate. 

Universal Size fits all mounting brackets

Great for shows or meets when hiding your plate

Made to order with your Custom numbers or text