Welcome to CarDrugs. CD is ran by one person. I design everything and take care of every order. Every 40 days I release 50-100 or so new designs in qty of 25-50 of each. 95% are Limited and won't be made again once they sell out. The Slap Store (S.29) is currently offering items from my last release. The next release will be held Friday July 16th at 9pm EST. That release will have new Slaps + New Lanyards + New Hats + a nice surprise new product! In addition to Slaps I also offer many other products as well, so please look around. Thanks for stopping by.

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  • "Met these guys at a car show in Jersey . Amazing customer service and super friendly."
    - Iain Kotar
  • "The customer service is fantastic! My order got lost in the post office and was compensated generously with extra stickers in my order and in store credit! Denlin goes above and beyond to make the customer happy in any situation. You don't get this kind of customer service or generosity with most other companies. The quality if the stickers and banners are great too. "
    - Henry Honnen
  • "Stickers are beyond great, friendly and amazing customer service. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what's to come!"
    - Austin J Mankowski
  • "Freakin' awesome slaps, and car lifestyle accessories. 100% legit, and customer service is flawless."
    - Andrew Nguyen
  • "How do you have this many stickers to choose from LOL! Incredible quality too. Will be ordering again soon!"
    - Daniel Booth