May 2022
I met Mason last year in Gatlinburg after posting his Miata rolling down the main strip from my AirBnb balcony. Over the next few months we talked a few times at shows and became better friends. Shortly after Gatlinburg some wench totaled his Miata and Mason ultimately made the decision to rebuild thereafter. I kept an eye on what Mason was doing, and as a lover and owner of Miatas as well I offered him a sponsorship pending his build fit with the brand (obv it did). In between the re-build and new paint, Mason and I became great friends playing COD: Warzone almost every night screaming at each other for the dumbest shit. If you know you know. COD builds friendships lol. 2 months of not having his car while being painted; Mason just made it in time to showcase his newly finished Miata at Slammed Enuff Nashville. The car was loved by many throughout the 2 day showcase. Simple with a touch of modern lighting. Catch us around the south at shows throughout 2022 and beyond! 

May 2023
So Mason became a real boy with some very nice Work Miester S1 2P in Polished Finish. Updated photos. 

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