Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our MSP's

Q. What will I get in a MSP?
A. You will get 5 Designs from the current available set. 4 Glossy Designs & 1 Specialty Glitter Design.

Q. Will I get the same 5 Designs in 2 separate packs if I order 2 or more packs?
A. No. We package 100 packs at a time going through the set in order of design number once then at random until all slaps are gone. This ensures 100 packs in a row are randomized and therefore a supporter would never receive 2 identical packs. No matter the amount of packs you order you will never receive the same items in a pack. 

Q. Are MSP Designs Numbered?
A. Yes. If you have collected any Trading Card Game you know about the set numbering system and just like any TCG all designs have a set label & design number at the bottom left for easy identifying of designs. (see example below)

Q. What are bonuses and their odds?
A. We offer 5 bonuses for MSP's

+ ERROR PACK /// 1:5 This pack comes with more than 5 Designs
+ HIDDEN GEMS /// 1:10 This pack comes with a Hidden Design 
+ 1 OF 1 LAYEREDS /// 1:25 This pack comes with a 1 of 1 Layered
+ $100 Gift /// 1:30 This pack comes with a $100 gift card
+ GOD PACK /// 1:50 This pack comes with 10 Specialty Designs

Q. Are there a limit on how many packs I can buy?
A. No. We do not limit the sale of MSP's per buyer.

Q. If base set sells out will I be able to get these designs at a later date?
A. No. All designs are exclusively limited to the set they release in and will never be made again. Base set items are limited edition of just 30x each.

Q. Can I buy designs in the MSP set individually?
A. No. All designs in a MSP Set can only be obtained in Mystery Slap Packs.

Q. What can I do with my Duplicates?
A. Save them or Trade them. We will be announcing an amazing idea within CarDrugs soon...

Q. How often do MSP Sets release?
A. At this time we are testing our fist Release on April 14th and will use the data we collect to plan our next drop.

Q. How do I know if my MSP has been opened?
A. We secure each pack after packing with a tamper proof label that will show the words void if tampered with on the packaging. (see example below)